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Tune in to this enriching show where industry leaders share invaluable business tips and hacks, while renowned martial artists regale you with an abundance of entertaining and intriguing martial arts stories. Prepare yourself for an inspiring and informative journey into the world of martial arts and business success!

Past Guests have included:

Ricardo”The Bully” Llamas – long time staple in the UFC and Gym owner

“Razor” Rob McCullough – WEC vet and world Muay Thai Champion, founder of Razor Rob Striking Systems

Brodie Farber – MMA Pioneer and UFC vet

Rob from McDojo Life – McDojo life founder and influencer and lifelong martial artist

Shanie “smash” McCullough – Pro MMA veteran and Fight camp founding trainer

Maurício “Tinguinha” Mariano – Spider Guard innovator and Gym owner

Chad “Savage” George – First CJJ featherweight world champion, Multiple MMA belt holder, Gym owner

Dan Camrillo – BJJ and Judo BlackBelt, Gym Owner

Marie “AK Choi – Thai Boxer, Jiu Jitera and a wealth of business knowledge

Rick “Rockstar” Screeton – BJJ BlackBelt, MMA veteran, Pro Muay Thgai Veteran, Gym owner and Consultant

And we are always adding more…..